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Tom’s Cars

MGf, now in the stable


Garrett and Tom on the stone bridge- Watkins Glen GP festival 2016- 1974 MGB w/ Moss supercharger

1978 Alfetta Sport Sedan – California car. rebuilt motor by LA Italia with 10:1 pistons, RJ cams and VVT sprocket on intake.  Wes Ingram HP Spica pump.  Euro bumpers.

2004 Mini MC40 in Palm Beach where it lived in a former life,

1968 Morris Mini -rebuilt in England 1986 w/
mk3 body shell, Oselli 1400 motor, 13″ rims, MG Metro brakes, Hi/Low suspension, spax shocks

lotus frt

1969 Europa S2

1976 Gold Wing

1976 Gold Wing

saab downtown

1972 Saab 96 V-4

1974 MGB GT, original survivor w/ 1 repaint-
at Milliken’s Corner- Watkins Glen

02 at daves 2

1974 BMW tii, honoring 1973 TAP rally winner

1979 spider. appropriately seen with series 1 miata, in light of recent developments of these models

Vehicles covering the period 72-79, from around the globe. German (2002) Swedish (Saab 96) British (MGB GT and Lotus Europa S2), Italian (124 spider) Japanese (Honda Gold Wing).