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September 22,  Meeting of the Marques.  Downtown Carlisle.  This is the new location after Boiling Springs .  Someone may want to check it out.

September 22, 2018.  Coatesville Grand Prix.   We went last year and weren’t terribly impressed.  The event has potential, but seems like it still needs some work to get things figured out.  The race car field was way down from the inaugural year.  The food was hard to get to, and once we were there seemed a bit pricey.  But the day was saved by a nice drive down and back, and a stop for refreshments at the St. Peters hotel.  With that in mind, I’m ready to give it another shot.  Who else is in?

September 29, 2018.  MG’s on the rocks.  This is Baltimore MG’s show.  Usually 200 cars.  Since Hellertown and Lanco were pretty much rained out, if its a nice day this is an option for a Brit car fix.  Its down below the Pa- Md. border, and looking at the route, I see I’d be going through Quarryville which is where my Corgi pup was born.  Main attraction is a stop at Pour Girls, where I had the best craft beer and salsa experience when picking up the pup.  I’ll take the MC-40, as its too long a run for the MG.  All back roads tho – to Morgantown then Quarryville. then south west to Rocks state park along MD24.

October 7, 2018.  This just in from Dick.  Porsche event in Bluebell- but all exotics are invited.  Looks like something we should attend, so a breakfast and drive down can be contemplated. Here’s the registration link:

October 7, 2018 – I just noticed lots of car shows in Peddlar’s Village.  Tri-state Corvette Association says they have a show there on this date.

October 8, 2018 – Bonham’s auction at Simeone.  Catalouge isn’t out yet, so not sure if we are making the trip, but its usually a fun day.  Stop in Conshy on the way way home?

October 11-13 – Hershey.  Big AACA show and flea market.  Plan on spending all day if you want to see everything.  Huge car corral.

October 13,2018.  British Car Club of LV’s Autumn Leaf Festival.   Done on Moravian Upper Schools campus near Green Pond CC, in conjunction with the school’s country fair.  Lots for the family to see and do, food vendors, and the Brit cars have a show in a field adjoining.  Good Times!!

October 13, 2018.  Brits at the village.  Once again, conflicting with Autumn leaf, this is Philly MG club’s show in Peddlars Village.  Take your pick.

October 20,2018.  Flemington Speedway’s car show.  Dennis Tretter organizes this event that he tells me goes off like clockwork.  Hundreds of cars show up, get placed, and enjoy each other’s company in Lambertville, NJ.  1207 Route 179 08530. At Roger K Everitt Fairgrounds.  This show has everything – buss to biplane.  Race car to runabout.  15 bucks to register at the door.

October 21, 2018  Cecil Kimber Run.  put on by (Enable Javascript to see the email address)  or call Richard Miller to sign up. 908-713-6251.   I did it last year and had a great time.  Lots of interesting cars attend, from Ferrari to T-bird, not just MG’s and Triumphs.  Includes a great lunch stop.  Just called on Sept. 21.  Only 4 spots left.  Route this year is more well known to us being Hunterdon and Bucks County.  William Thomas’s Performance Car Garage is the start and end point.